Hacker Experience 2
  • MMO real-time strategy
  • Hacking simulation
  • Virtual open world
  • Indie game
Release date (expected)
December 2016
  • Windows, Mac, Linux
  • Web Browser, Steam
  • iOS, Android, WP
Early-bird price
From $10 one-off
Final price
$25 one-off or $5/month

The game

Hacker Experience 2 is an open source real time hacking simulation. Players get the chance to experience the life of a hacker living in a dystopian world controlled by megacorporations.

The game brings location-based strategy to a persistent virtual open world undergoing a digital war. With their mobile phones, players can conquer territories and hunt nearby hackers.

The virtual reality of this cyberpunk world gets blurred when real-world entities can be interacted within the game. Players can hack nearby hotels, business, banks, parks, schools and even simulated citizens.

Key features

Dominate your city

Gather influence over your block, city or country. Claim your territory and guard it against hackers and rival factions.

Mind-blowing missions

Execute dirty jobs for the megacorps. Join lonewolf or team missions of data leaks, industrial espionage, sabotage, framing or CTF. Enjoy a wide variety of missions.

Join a faction

Form alliances with people that share your objectives. Work together and deploy your own team strategy. Engage in exciting faction wars to conquer new territories.

Deploy your strategy

Attack all the way, fortify yourself and counter-attack or be stealthy and cover your tracks. Your strategy tailors your gameplay, making it an unique experience.

Learn while playing

Learn about computers, networks and operating systems. Get familiar with VPN, encryption and security concepts. You will never trust an insecure connection again.

Objectives & Principles

The people behind Hacker Experience have a not-so-secret agenda. See the full list.

Computer Science education

We want to spread Computer Science education to young students around the world, with the ultimate goal of getting them interested in Computer Science.

By playing the game, non-technical players will learn concepts of computer networks, operating systems and security. We want them to know about VPN, HTTPS and encryption to protect their privacy.

Outside the game, we aim to motivate non-technical players and students to contribute to open-source projects for the first time.

Demystifying open source

Contributing to a project tends to be hard and intimidating, specially for first-time contributors. It also tends to be exclusive to programmers or geeks. We want to change this reality.

A game for everyone

We want to create a game for everyone, including those with disabilities. With help from the community, we plan to develop special interfaces crafted for them.

Ultimately, we want to give people like Jemil and James the chance to play a game made for them.


Free and open source software

Hacker Experience 2 is a free and open source software being developed openly. This means the entire codebase that powers HE2 is public. Users have the freedom to run, copy, distribute, study, change and improve the software.

Let's build a game

We welcome players and students to contribute to Hacker Experience 2. It's also a great opportunity for them to take the first step on programming.

Having the opportunity to submit a small improvement to a game that person actually plays can have a tremendous effect. Seeing the change being rolled out to others brings a great feeling that, we hope, will motivate further contributions.

We believe this practical experience will get more students interested in Computer Science, computer programming and open source projects.


Hacker Experience 2 is based on Hacker Experience 1 (HE1), released on September 2014. It currently has around 500,000 players and an overall positive review.

However, HE1 is Renato's first work, built while he was in college, and has several design flaws. It also has a simple text-based interface. Hacker Experience 2 was built to solve these issues and provide an even better game.

The Hacker Experience Team

Renato Massaro
CTO & Developer

Creator of the Hacker Experience brand, Renato is a software developer and systems administrator.

At work and on his free time, Renato loves playing around with distributed systems, operational systems, databases and theoretical computer science.

He is also a free software enthusiast and has spoken on some conferences in Brazil, including Campus Party Brasil and Fórum Internacional de Software Livre.

Charlotte Oliveira
Lead Developer

Passionate backend developer with 8 years of experience with software development.

Charlotte likes to talk about functional programming, distributed systems and game development

Allan Jorge

Allan Jorge is a backend developer who loves programming language theory, theory of computation and functional programming.