Renato Massaro

Passionate backend developer and systems administrator, Renato has been working on the Hacker Experience franchise since 2012.

At Hacker Experience he wears multiple hats, including the ones of CEO, software architect, developer, sysadmin, marketing and support.


CEO. Non-human member of the Hacker Experience team.

I am a three year-old girl who loves to eat, sleep and swim! I love fetching ball and currently am trying to add a fetch ball mini-game to Hacker Experience 2.

Charlotte Oliveira

Alchemist with several years of experience with backend development.

Functional languages and free software enthusiast; is the coordinator of Helix, the application responsible for handling maps, logs and processes on Hacker Experience 2.

Christian Ferraz

Learned to code to fulfill the dream of being a game developer, and no regrets by far.

A programming language enthusiast, likes to learn lots of programming language, mastering the ones that click.